Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pay Attention

In every moment we are at the crossroads of here and now.  But for long periods of time we are not present in our lives because we get busy and are distracted by the world around us.  We forget to pay attention to our lives and the things and people that are important to us: 
"as the 'cloud-of-forgetfulness-over-where-we-are-now' sets in."
"We fall into a robot-like way of seeing and thinking and doing. In those moments, we break contact with what is deepest in ourselves and affords us perhaps our greatest opportunities for creativity, learning and growing. If we are not careful, those clouded moments can stretch out and become most of our lives."

"To allow ourselves to be truly in touch with where we already are, no matter where that is, we have got to pause in our experience long enough to let the present moment sink in, long enough to actually feel the present moment, to see it in its fullness, to hold it in awareness and thereby come to know and understand it better. only then can we accept the truth of this moment of our life, learn from it, and move on."

*Jon K-Z
Wherever You Go, There You Are

Jasmin Flower

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