Thursday, August 5, 2010

Keep Hope Alive

One thing is virtually certain.  We will get stuck over and over again in the short run n matter what we do or think.  Getting stuck over and over again is nothing other than practice too, as long as we are willing to see it and work with is through continual letting go, and through continual kindness toward ourselves.

The more things go "our way" for a while, the more we can believe that is the way it is supposed to be..  And when things don't go "our way", which sooner or later they will not, we can get angry, disappointed, depressed, devastated, forgetting that it was never "supposed to be" any one way at all.

We will come to our senses.  But only if we give ourselves over to waking up, to coming to our senses and cultivating the full capacity of our sorely taken-for-granted and unexamined minds and hearts.  Only if we can perceive the chains of our robotic conditioning, especially our emotional conditioning, and our view of who we think we are - peel our own image from the mirror- and in the perceiving, in seeing what is here to be seen, hearing what is here to be heard, watch the chains dissolve in the seeing, in the hearing, as we rotate back into our larger original beauty, as we greet ourself at our own door, as we love again the stranger who was ourself.

We are sitting atop a unique moment in history, a major tipping point.  This time we are in provides singular opportunities that can be seized and made use of with every breath.  There is only one way to do that.  It is to embody, in our lives as they are unfolding here and now, our deepest values and our understanding of what is important- and share it with each other, trusting such embodied actions, on even the smallest of scales, will entrain the world over time into greater wisdom and health and sanity.

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