Thursday, August 5, 2010

Motivation and Perseverance

"When at first we attempt to open to stillness and silence, it is amazing - all there is is hearing yourself think, and it can be louder, and more disturbing and distracting than any external noise."

"When unattended, our thinking runs our lives without our even knowing it.  Attending with mindful awareness, we have a chance not only to know ourselves better, and see what is on our minds, but also to hold our thoughts differently, with greater wisdom, so they no longer rule our lives."

Accepting what is does not mean passive resignation.  It takes fortitude and motivation to accept what is and then work mindfully as best you can with the circumstances you find yourself in - especially when you don't like what is - and with the resources at your disposal, to be in wise relationship to what is, which may mean at some point acting to mitigate, heal, redirect, or change what can be changed.

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