Tuesday, October 4, 2011

If children are the future, why the smoking promotion?

For Chinese Students, Smoking Isn’t All Bad - Businessweek: "In dozens of rural villages in China’s western provinces, one of the first things primary school kids learn is what helps make their education possible: tobacco. The schools are sponsored by local units of China’s state-owned cigarette monopoly, China National Tobacco. “On the gates of these schools you’ll see slogans that say ‘Genius comes from hard work—tobacco helps you become talented,’” says Xu Guihua, secretary general of the Chinese Association on Tobacco Control, a privately funded lobbying group. “They are pinning their hopes on young people taking up smoking.”

Anti-tobacco groups say efforts in China to reduce sales....., "

Chinese kids smoking on the outskirts of Shaoyang in Hunan province
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